Portfolio Midwest Junk

The Challenge

In the late winter of 2011, Midwest Junk found its way into existence. Created from the brainstorm of three friends, the company wanted to focus on the culture of junking and antiquing, bringing a fresh face into the ring to tell stories of those who had been junkers all their lives, up to the new junkers discovering the craft for the first time.

Since Midwest Junk was a new company, the project called for just about every service I offer. We began with branding the company, followed by designing social media profiles, the website, and a printed antique store guide, The Junker's Guide to the Midwest for 2 years running.

The Solutions


The logo was the first area we started, and a typeface was quickly settled on, as its story was everything Midwest Junk needed to be. From Lost Type we chose Lavanderia, a font originally used in the laundromat windows of the San Francisco Mission District. Things couldn't be better than to use a repurposed vintage font!


The website and social media profiles took the next step. We chose a vintage color palette of orange, pale yellow, brown and a vintage green. Photography was provided from antique stores, barn picks, and estate sales to be the main focus, with the logo and brand in a supporting role for Facebook. The website took in more of the brand, featuring the pale yellow background with orange, brown and green trim. Additionally, the website was created to manage an editorial schedule with 3 editors and allowed visitors to sign up to contribute stories and ideas.

The Junk Guide

The last major element of the project was the junk guide. In the first year, Minnesota and North Dakota were chosen for the trial run. Over 800 entries and a small editorial section made up the digest sized guide. The brand continued into the design of each page as well, prominently on the cover, editor's letter, and contents page. Each editorial article received its own unique treatment and the guide's listings took a comfortable, easy-to-read black and white format.

It received great reviews when it was launched in the summer of 2012, leading the company to expand the 2013's junk guide offering to 16 states across the Midwest.